Sobre mi

About me

I was born in Venezuela in 1986. Since then, and thanks to the influence of my mother, I have felt a special connection with nature and the body, which has led me to explore movement from a very young age. I started at the age of 7 through artistic gymnastics and later I was introduced to yoga, circus and dance, work that I deepened when I changed continents in 2010.

Since my arrival to Spain, I deepened my work in the world of circus arts, traveling for 12 years through different disciplines such as silks, rope, verticals and hoop. In addition to very deep work on body awareness, the circus has allowed me to delve deeper into theatrical techniques, by doing street work at different popular festivals.

Dance has been with me from 2009 to the present through different styles like classical, tribal, contemporary, Persian and oriental. In 2017 I trained in mystical dance which has been a key and fundamental piece for me since it has allowed me to discover the Sufi whirling. Since then I have been fortunate to find different Sufi groups along my path where I have been able to go deeper into Sufism, also making it my ally and life partner and including Sufi dance to my regular practice by regularly attending semas.

Whirling is currently my main work tool, since through it I have been able to discover a deep connection with the earth and the cosmos through the body. Currently my work is based on the fusion of all the disciplines that I have learned throughout these wonderful years, focusing mainly on meditative whirling, aerial dance and oriental dances.